CB-3 Different Memories Intoxicate – Electro ...  
  VENUS A Journey With Mascot... Find a Way  
  Arise The Teleportation of ... Singing Together for ...  
  Singing Together for ... Light  
  Star of the Southern ... Roots King of Me  
  Flying Dandelion In T... Take Me Home Piano Phonotope  
  Inspire Dreamgaze Atux Surfin' Boi On T...  
  Fragrance Journey to the Heart Silent Sky  
  Resplendent Capriccio... Sleeping Forest A Good Day  
  Where is Spring?-1 Child’s Buddhi Heart Concerto D’ Amour  
  Enchanting Journey fr... Mira’s Urban Love Son... Sleep Well Nightly  
  Happy Children, Happy... Body Relaxation and B... As Serene As Poetry  
  NATURE SPA Serene Hill-Piano Sol... THE FOREST SHOW -1  
  Green Ark Three Cat Cookies The Nearest Heaven-1  
1 Where is Spring?-1
Kim Hsieh
2 Singing Together for Friendship-1Original songs + audio story
Kim Hsieh
3 ”Kim Hsieh x Happy Singing” Music and Movement for The Family
Kim Hsieh
4 Light
Denise Juan
Shinji Chiura
6 Sleep Well Nightly
Chang Yung-Chih
7 Monk Jian Zhen
8 Let's Go On A Singing Trip! CD2Mandarin nursery rhymes + instrumental music
Kim Hsieh
9 Deep Sleep
Chang Yung-Chih
10 Yoga of Four Elements
John Young
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